Talk to us today and after a quick consultation we'll guide you through choosing the best 3D tour package for your property.


1. Our Photographer Scans Your Property

The scan takes place during daylight hours and ideally when the building is empty. 3D scans usually take half a day but can be longer for large buildings.

We work with you and your team to make sure your property is ready and looking its best when we perform the scan.

The camera is placed in various locations around the property to cover all angles and to make sure the entire property will be seen in the tour. Each scan location is aligned as scanning takes place.

2. The Property Scan Data is Stored In the Cloud

When the scan is complete, the information is uploaded to the cloud where it is processed. The completed project is assessed for quality and altered where required to give the most seamless experience of the space.

3. We Deliver the Completed Model Ready to View

Your 3D Interactive Tour will be ready to view within 48 hours. 3D Videos brochures, Floorplans and will be ready within 1 week.

Professional Photographs are taken at the same time as the scan to reduce the inconvenience to the seller. These are fully processed and delivered at the same time as the 3D Interactive Tour.

We can also work with you to produce a stunning 3D Video brochure plus 3D & Standard Floorplans


While your 3D scan is taking place our photographer will capture gorgeous, professional images of your property including. By booking your photography and 3D scan at the same time you save time & money and ensure that your property is captured at its best.


To take your scan into the realms of Virtual Reality requires some further editing and processing of the data.

This process usually takes another 3-4 working days from when the 3D Interactive Tour is ready.

Questions? Please get in touch - we're here to help!